September 26, 2019

RGB LED Light Strip Connecting Drawing

About RGB LED Light Strip

RGB Led Light Strip is a kind of the Multi-Color Changeable Led Strip , it need to work with the  RGB controller to realize RGB color changing.

RGB strips are capable of producing a wide range of color and when connected  to an RGB controller ,allow you  to select options such as the static color ,brightness or the color changing operating modes.

All of these options will allow a huge degree of control over what and how your LED's display their colors.

Note !

 The RGB color changing strip be able to produce multi RGB colors ,but only can mix to get pure white color . If you prefer to get RGB colors and Warm White ( or other kelvin White ) ,you can use the  RGBW / RGBWW LED Strips.


How to connect the RGB LED Light Strip to the RGB Controller



How the RGB LED Light Strip be cut and reconnected 

RGB LED Lights Strip can be cut in every 3 leds (there is the marks on the PCB )

After being cutted ,the RGB LED Light Strip can be reconnected in two ways

*  By soldering wires to the marked solder points.

*  By using the Quick connectors. 

   The quick connector can be  generally fall into three categories :

         CC   (Connector to Connector)

         CWC  ( Connector  to Wire to Connector )

         CW ( Connector to Wire )



The connect drawing

* The connect drawing for  CC type quick connectors

* The connect drawing for  CWC type quick connectors

* The connect drawing for  CW type quick connectors


Notice: This quick connector is not water-proof ! 

so if you want to put the reconnected strip in outdoor environment ,  you need reconnect the strips as the follow process shows




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September 03, 2019


Thinking of best and recommended types of power supply listings over there, there are many factors of power supply to consider during your LED fixtures' installation, using garden LED lights means the fixture will work properly in order to ensure the first thing of safety, the next is to choose a type of power transformer, well done, it means the professional low voltage will prevent people from harm or hurt before it becomes a lifesaver, how do you think it will really work for all lights? Whether the power supply will drive a constant current for them? Both are ok at the same time? But it comes out to us must be the low voltage power supply at first, 12VDC power supply we suggest, which can be estimated the best mode of security if incidents are not avoided sometimes.
The second thing is we are requiring the right input and output, because it comes to us with a basic math question, say the following for example, there are plenty of 3W LED lights available for installing into the garden, it is presumably suggested to calculate the total output of 10pcs 3W LEDs, that is, we are having to provide the minimum power consumption, generally the number is 36W (basically, two parts included, one is for actual data of the subtotal power 30W, in addition, the final power will be developed for the extra over 20% ~ 30%, of 20% right here had been calculated into the sum = (100% + 20%) * (3W * 10pcs)), calculated based on a physics formula, whatever higher power you can provide, we just need you to ensure the min. one, otherwise, several lights will perhaps quit working, not bright enough as you are in doubt if one of them is damaged or need a replacement, any more, please refer to the below sheet.
The last feature is we are thinking of weather condition, the ambient environment to keep them working in extremely harsh situations like flooded water, piles of snow, heavy dust, etc, one thing we need to admit it is recognized that defective rate is NOT too much, worth of another try of LL products.

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August 16, 2019

About Us

About LightingWill

LightingWill is established since 2009. Professional LED manufacture, specially in LED lighting products and accessories. The objective of Lightingwill is to offer superior quality LED items to our clients, and enjoy a bright and comfortable life.

The recessed lights can be integrated into furniture or walls to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Perfect for home use, office, store, super market, bars, cafe, exhibition, halls, museum hotel, restaurant, decoration lighting and other lighting.

We offer high quality LED products of our own and partners directly from manufacturer.

Contact info:



Email: [email protected]

Tel: +86-755-83066884

Fax: +86-755-83068542

Add: 1#, ChaXi SanWei Industrial Zone, GuShu, XiXiang, BaoAn,ShenZhen, GuangDong, 518126,China.

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June 26, 2019


!!!!!Never disassemble the device without instructions! Never try to remove the TF card from the device! !!!!!



3D Holographic Display Instructions


  1. Download the DSeeLab app and install it on your phone or pc.


iOS: Search DSeeLab in App store.

For Android: Click to download.

For PC: to download.

These only fit for LL-HA-50-WF-DS-X &LL-HA-50H-WFC-DS-X LL-HA-65-WF-DS-X & LL-HA-65X-WFC-DS-X & LL-HA-100-WFC-DS-X

Remark : Not fit for LL-HA-43-SDWF-FT-X & LL-HA-65X-SWF-ZB-X & LL-HA-100-SWF-ZB-X.


  1. 2. Supply power to theDSeeLab Hologram Display Device
  2. Open your phone, navigate to your phone's Settings->WiFi, you'll see there is a new WiFI source whose name starts with 'dsee'. Click it

to connect to it.


  1. You will be asked to input a key. The 8-digit key could be found on the label at the back of your device.


  1. After your phone is connected to the device, open the app on your phone, refresh the app.


  1. Now you are all set!Only use the app to upload and manage videos and images.


You can also check our operation guide videos:


PC software operation video:

Cellphone (IOS and Android) APP software operation video:

Remote operation video:

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June 22, 2019

Why Order From Us?

1: We are manufacturer ( is offical online store of  HUAKE LIMITED), most prodcuts listed online are made by ourself (except some controller, power supplies from our partner). so we can offer a wide range of LED products. 
For example, just for SMD3528-300 LED strips, there have 8 colors, and each color will have 4 waterproof versions, with 3 background color versions.  Total will have 8*4*3=96 different products, so for retailers no one can do such amount stock, but we can! we stock all necessary materials: different color LEDs, different background color PCBs etc. after get your order, we can produce the non-wateproof version within 1 working day, and wateproof version within 3 working days.

2: We cooperate with UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, USPS, HongKongPost to ensuring that your products will be shipped quickly and safely.

3: We provide a comprehensive after-sales service, check Reviews to see customer's comments on us.

4: We provide a flexible method of payment, such as credit card payment, Paypal online payment, T/T via bank transfer(HSBC) and Western Union

Beware of fake online stroe  (scam site)  who cribbing our photos, description etc,  we knew most of them are only few guys who copy our site, then buy garbage products from local market ship out to customer, the quality and services can not be ensured.

So, when you order online, if their site have same photos or same descriptions or when you checkout, if they only accept PAYPAL and Western Union, and if their PAYPAL's account are not compay account, then you need think about it.  if you need, please connect us, we will email you a scam site list.

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June 04, 2019


As much as we google online for some info sometimes, it doesn't mean it would be equivalent with your effort like the words typing over the searching column, and most of description is written off the info statistics, hence, we get some trouble of finding the answer. It's obviously wanting to build up the entity of LED display system at first, like we all know signal of image or video carried by the digital medium and is sending out to the sending card as the first receiver, and actually it is the first receiving card instead of its name described here, because we need know this card will finish a job of signal collecting-up and encryption an so on, however, it's not difficult for us to get two things - how many of interface types will be available for input signal transform and what are numbers of them, seemingly the two factors will allow you to get if this card is supporting the sync, in addition, you will know your audio and video will be delivered at the same time rather than disorder of playing.

Counting to the next, you will access the real receiving card, loading ability, what sort of interface or ports it has, what kind of signal it will receive and recognize the signal, the other factor of card itself will be what sort of interface it has, and maximum LED module groups it can support, resolution ability, of course, the image quality or video presenting, like all general thing we know, the display quality will not be presented fine if the card is loaded too much, you can never expect that your production can work at peak all the time.

Controller, Video Processor, Video Production Console, these integrated devices are designed with high-end ICs and diversity of ports either related to input or output, apparently it will be capable of supporting a large program of LED display, that's why some special interfaces or rare types of ports for huge LED display screen are necessary to keep this system running well, and support more accessing ways for them to assemble as one part of the entire system, you have to know each point well before you want to build up the LED display screen, beware of roles they are acting and some critical parameters about card, processor, console and so on, as well as compatibility they are grouping up to display your ads to customer on the screen eventually.

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May 25, 2019


LED Strip Light Photo Install Tutorial
Step one: Materials Needed
Have all your materials ready. You will need scissors, LED flexible strip lights, a solderless connector, ruler (if needed), and a set of hands.

Step Two: Measuring how many feet of LED strip you need
You may have your LED strip light sent to you in a reel (16 feet) or by the foot, depending on the quantity ordered. Decide how much flexible LED strip lighting you will need for your project. Since the LED strip can only be cut every third LED, you may have to go slightly over or under your desired specification.

Step Three: How to cut the LED strip
As you can see below, the flexible strip light can only be cut along the designated lines. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the line.

Step Four: Pay attention to positive and negative markings
IMPORTANT: Notice the positive and negative sides of the LED strip light. This is important for the next few steps. Sometimes when you cut the LED strip light , things can get mixed around.

Step Five:  Introduction to the solderless connector
Each Solderless Connector has two sides. To insure you have the correct side up, make sure the wider of the white sides face up. This is the top.
BE GENTLE and pull the locking device out away from the wires. Do not pull on the wires to do so, as the solderless connector is fragile.

Step Six: Attaching the solderless connector to the LED strip
IMPORTANT: Color does not always matter! Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the solderless connector wire to the power supply. Red/black can either mean (+) or (-) depending on what side you have hooked the connector to.

Step Seven: Securing the tray to the LED light
In the example below, if we were to attach the Solderless Connector to the other side of the flexible strip light, the red would be negative and the black positive.
Next, GENTLY secure the locking tray back in place, connecting the terminals of the LED flexible strip light to the connector. Be gentle and make sure the mounting tray is securely closed, or the lights will not work.

Step Eight: Connecting the LED strip to power
You are now ready to plug in your LED Flexible strip light to the LED power supply.
This can be done a few ways.

1. Wire Nuts

2. Butt Splices

3. Terminal blocks

4. DC Coaxial Connectors with or without screw terminals

Match the positive and negative markings with the positive and negative wires from the power supply. Make sure the power is off when you do this. 

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May 13, 2019


You can use 3D Maker for simple designs. For complex designs, 
you can try 3D MAX or ask help from your local advertising company.

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May 08, 2019


3D hologram fan support file formats: : jpg, gif, mp4, avi, rmvb, mpeg

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May 04, 2019


How to Start Your Own LED Display Screen Assembly Line?

The answer is DON'T think it too complicated and plan big at first.


First, to have a quick lesson on LED light display screen, let you have a clear picture.

There is 7 factors you need to consider for making a LED light display screen.

* LEDs

* LED Display Modules

* Cabinet

* Control System ( controller box, sending card & receiving card)

* Power Supply

* Data Cable & Power Cable

* Other device/tool need for local assembly



1. The LED Components

The LED light display screen has indoor and outdoor application. Beside the waterproof IP grade, the brightness required for Indoor and Outdoor application are different.

The outdoor LED light display screen need higher brightness than indoor LED light display screen, for it's disclosed under sunshine.

So for the LED components used, according to the brightness level are divided into for regular brightness (800-1000 nits) indoor LEDs and high brightness (4000 - 6000 nits) outdoor LEDs.


And the SIZE of the LEDs limit Pixel Pitch can make for indoor and outdoor LED light display screen.

The smallest indoor LED 0808 allow to make the smallest pixel pitch P1.0 Indoor LED display screen, while there are P1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6.

The smallest outdoor LED 1921 allow to make the smallest pixel pitch P3.0 Outdoor LED display screen, while there are P4, P5, P6,P6.7, P8, P10.

2. LED Display Modules

For the Modules, points to consider:

* Indoor LED modules and Outdoor LED modules :

Indoor LED Display Modules made with regular brightness LED, there are P1.0, P1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6 LED Display Screen Modules.

while Outdoor LED Display Modules made with high brightness LED, there are P3.0, P4, P5, P6,P6.7, P8, P10 LED Display Screen Modules.

* The Size of the LED Modules

You need to consider and well-known for the sizes of the LED display screen modules, to calculate the QTY. of LED display screen modules need for LED display screen / wall in different sizes.

And to know for a the same size LED display screen,  different Pixel Pitch LED modules used, the PRICES vary quite a lot.

Below is an example to show you. CLICK HERE TO KNOW WHY THERE ARE SO BIG DIFFERENCE.

3. The Cabinets

Two options: Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet and Standard Iron Sheet Simple Cabinet.

1) Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet: Need mold, is extruded to form via Molding Machine, and it has features as " High Quality Aluminum Alloy with Good Dissipation, High Brightness, High Grey Scale, Seamless Assembly, Silent Design with Fan-less Design".

2) Iron Sheet Standard Cabinet: Simple made, and can custom-make to any sizes. Note: customized size need to match with the LED display screen modules. Features: Light Weight, Independent disassembly box, High Brightness, High Grey Scale, Cabinet Size and Shape can be Customized Freely.

4. Control System (controller box, sending card & receiving card)

* The brands of controller/card depends on the customer preferences. If no special requirement, we will recommend the most cost-efficient model to our clients.

* The controlling pixel pitch qty. of those devices.

Each model of the controller/card has its max loading pixel pitch quantity (LED quantity).  We learn before that the different pixel pitch LED display modules vary a lot.

How many control card need for a LED display screen depends on the Pixel Density and the control card's spec.

The control card's Loading Capacity should bigger than the Pixel Density of your LED display screen.

Below picture show the Pixel Density for different LED Display Modules.

Below picture shows the Loading Capacity of different control card.

5. Power Supply

For the installation space is narrow, the power supply used for LED display screen should be small and in low profile.

QTY. need for different project, we can give your calculation.

CE approved or UL approved

* Famous brand or common brand

6. Data Cable & Power Cable

We will give you the QTY. of each cable need, once get known of your projects.

7. Other device/tool need for local assembly

* Tools: Screw Driver, Multi-meter

* Aging test mounting bracket for LED display screen modules, we can give you solution for what we use in our own factory.

* Finished LED Display Screen Cabinet AgingTest Frame , we can give you solution for what we use in our own factory.

* Training ( assembly operator and software knowledge, we can provide the training).

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April 28, 2019

DIFFERENCE AMONG SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD5050, SMD5630, SMD5730

Difference among SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD5050, SMD5630, SMD5730(SMD5630)


First, let me have a short look for different SMD LED the component. Below are some of the LEDs that are commonly used in LED Strip Lights.

The popular spec. for them we used in our strips:

SMD3528  (rated 0.06W/LED)

SMD2835  (rated 0.2W/LED)

SMD5050  (rated 0.2W/LED)

SMD5730/5630  (rated 0.5W/LED)

SMD3014 (rated 0.1W/LED)

SMD4014 (rated 0.2W/LED)

SMD3030 (rated 1W/LED)

SMD5050 RGB (rated 0.2W/LED)

SMD5050 RGBW (rated 0.2W/LED)

SMD5050 Dual White (rated 0.2W/LED)

The popular LED Flexible Strip models:

Strip Model LED Density Rated Power Available Colors PCB Width Light Emitting CCT Lumen Output per Meter
SMD3528-150 30LED/Meter 2.4W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 8mm Top-Emitting 2700K-6500K 100-150LM
Pink, Purple, Orange,IR, UV
SMD3528-300 60LED/Meter 4.8W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 6mm/8mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 200-300LM
Pink, Purple, Orange,IR, UV
SMD3528-600 120LED/Meter 9.6W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 5mm/8mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 400-600LM
Pink, Purple,Orange, IR, UV
SMD3528-1200 240LED/Meter 19.2W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 15mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 800-1200LM
Pink, Purple,Orange, IR, UV
SMD2835-300 60LED/Meter 12W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 8mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 1000-1200LM
Pink, Purple,Orange, IR, UV
SMD2835-600 120LED/Meter 18W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 8mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 2000-2400LM
Pink, Purple, Orange,IR, UV
SMD5050-150 30LED/Meter 7.2W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, 10mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 450-550LM
Orange, Orange,IR, UV, RGB, RGBW, Dual White
SMD5050-300 60LED/Meter 14.4W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, 10mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 900-1100LM
Orange,IR, UV, RGB, RGBW, Dual White
SMD5050-600 120LED/Meter 28.8W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, 15mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 1800-2200LM
Orange,IR, UV, RGB, RGBW, Dual White
SMD5630-300 60LED/Meter 12W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple 10mm Top Emitting 2700K-6500K 1000-1200LM
SMD3014-300 60LED/Meter 12W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple 4mm/8mm Top Emitting / 2700K-6500K 1000-1200LM
Side Emitting
SMD3014-600 120LED/Meter 18W/Meter White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple 4mm/8mm Top Emitting / 2700K-6500K 2000-2400LM
Side Emitting

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April 06, 2019


The core part of the LED display module, which is a product equipped with an LED circuit board and a casing, an IC, and is arranged by enclosing the LED lamp beads according to certain rules, and then adding some waterproof treatment. . With the continuous development of the LED display industry and the increasing application requirements, the functions and functions of LED display modules are even more important. According to the use of LED packaging devices, LED display modules are divided into: LED light bar display module, indoor dot matrix LED display module, surface mount LED display module

According to the LED pixel spacing, it is generally used: indoor p1.667, P1.875, P1.904, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, p4, p6, p5, p8, p10, Outdoor: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10.

1. LED display module color It is the most basic parameter in the LED display module, and different colors are applied in different occasions. According to the type of color, it can be divided into two types: single color and full color single point control.
A, monochrome is a single color, can not be changed, can be operated by connecting the power.
B. Full color single point can control the color of each module. When the number of modules reaches a certain level, the effect of displaying pictures and videos can be realized. Full color single point plus control system can achieve the effect.


2, LED display module brightness level When it comes to brightness, we think of the word high brightness, this parameter is a parameter that people pay more attention to. Brightness is a complicated problem in LEDs. The brightness we usually say in LED modules is usually the intensity and transparency of the LEDs, which is usually the sum of the degrees associated with each module.


3, the LED display module illumination angle of view The illumination angle of the LED module without lens is mainly determined by the LED lamp bead. The different illumination angles of the LED lamp bead are also different. Generally, the illumination angle of the LED lamp bead provided by the manufacturer is the LED mode. The angle of the group.


4, LED display module working temperature LED display module normal working temperature is usually between -18 ° C and 58 ° C, if the requirements are relatively high, special treatment, such as air conditioning or exhaust fan.


5, LED display module power supply It is a very important parameter in the LED display module, the current 12V low voltage module is more common. When connecting the power supply and the control system, be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value before powering on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.

6, the size of the LED display module generally refers to the size of the length, width and height. The maximum length of a single connection: This parameter is used more when we are doing large projects. It means the number of connected LED modules in a series LED module. This is related to the size of the connection line of the LED display module. Also be customized according to the actual situation.

7, the LED display module rain level is mainly for the outdoor, it is an important indicator to ensure that the LED module can work in the outdoor long-term. It is usually best to achieve an IP65 rating in the open air.

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March 27, 2019


The Transparent LED Screen Display, as its name implies, is that the LED display has the light through the screen like glass. Its realization principle is a micro-innovation of the lamp bar screen, and the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, control system are targeted to improve, coupled with the hollow-out design of the structure, reducing the structural parts of the line of sight obstruction, maximizing the perspective effect. Integrate with the environment.

Initially, outdoor screens were equipped with conventional LED screens, but LED screens were made up of modules. Installing an LED screen was like a thick wall that would block the landscape and light. As a result of the shortcomings of conventional screens, LED experts in the conventional screen based on the increase of hollow design, increase the permeability. Grid screen gap can be further developed, it evolved into LED bar screen, also known as grid screen, sky screen, wall screen, curtain screen. This is the more LED screen for outdoor applications.

LED bar screen is led light sticking on acrylic board, it needs to attach to glass, so led lamp heat dissipation is hindered. The new transparent LED screen adopts GOB manufacturing technology, breaking the defect of LED bar screen, making the transparent LED screen realize the characteristics of real moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and UV-resistant so that the transparent LED screen can be used in any harsh outdoor environment.

The conventional LED screen 

Transparent LED Screen Display

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March 26, 2019


Each 3D fan has a unique password. The wifi account and password of our 3D fan will be attached to the 3D fan and the password of the 3D fan sold will be recorded. If your 3D fan wireless password can't be found, We suggest you re-acquire your password from the company where you purchased the 3D fan.

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March 24, 2019


Firstly, you need to confirm the 3D hologram fan version you have, because there are several different versions, is it wifi&SD card version or just wifi version, or wifi & cloud version etc.


LL-HA-50-WF-DS-X &LL-HA-50H-WFC-DS-X LL-HA-65-WF-DS-X & LL-HA-65X-WFC-DS-X & LL-HA-100-WFC-DS-X  please download the app from

Remark : Not fit for LL-HA-43-SDWF-FT-X & LL-HA-65X-SWF-ZB-X & LL-HA-100-SWF-ZB-X.


42cm is the SD card version. It is downloading the required material directly to the SD card and then use the controller to control the playback.

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March 08, 2019


1. Silk screen: Its function is to print solder paste or patch glue on the pad of PCB to prepare for soldering of components. The equipment used is a screen printing machine (screen printer), located at the forefront of the SMT production line.


2, dispensing: it is to drop the glue to the fixed position of the PCB, its main role is to fix the components to the PCB. The equipment used is a dispenser, located at the forefront of the SMT line or behind the inspection equipment.


3. Mounting: Its function is to accurately mount the surface-assembled components to the fixed position of the PCB. The equipment used is a placement machine located behind the screen printing machine in the SMT production line.


4. Curing: The function is to melt the patch glue, so that the surface-assembled components and the PCB board are firmly bonded together. The equipment used is a curing oven located behind the placement machine in the SMT line.


5, SPI: After the printing machine, for the quality inspection of solder printing and verification and control of the printing process.


6. Reflow soldering: Its function is to melt the solder paste, so that the surface-assembled components and the PCB board are firmly bonded together. The equipment used is a reflow oven located behind the placement machine in the SMT line.


7. Cleaning: The function is to remove the welding residue (such as flux) which is harmful to the human body on the assembled PCB board. The equipment used is a washing machine, the position can be fixed, it can be online or not.


8. Inspection: The function is to test the quality and assembly quality of the assembled PCB. The equipment used includes a magnifying glass, a microscope, an on-line tester (ICT), a flying probe tester, an automatic optical inspection (AOI), an X-RAY inspection system, and a function tester. The position can be configured in a suitable place on the production line according to the needs of the inspection.


9, repair: its role is to detect the failure of the PCB board rework. The tools used are soldering irons, rework stations, and the like. Configure anywhere in the production line.

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February 15, 2019


The 3D holographic LED fan product itself can identify many kinds of formats: JPG, GIF, MP4, avi, RMVB, MPEG, and these are not traditional 3D formats, so you need to make a corresponding video or picture format that you need to display the 3D effect. The current mainstream 3D software can do this, and this is a very simple operation for a person who is very unfamiliar with the 3D MAX software. And you just need to import these formats into the phone APP, computer software or the cloud platform we provide, directly import or release, is not very simple. Of course, if you don't quite understand it, we also have the corresponding video of each machine.

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February 02, 2019


How do you measure the good or bad of a 3D holographic fan? Because we know his core logic. Then the processing speed of CPU, the resolution of imaging and the luminance produced are the most important factors to measure the product. In addition, the difficulty of the operation of the product also determines the popularity of the product. For example, SD card single version, WiFi version, cloud control version.

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January 23, 2019


Although the 3D holographic LED fan is similar to the fan, it does not produce wind. His core principle is to image, video, or picture materials through the rotation of the luminescent LED lamp, decomposed into a realistic lattice by software processing, and then turn the dot matrix into visible video and pictures through the rotation of the LED. Generally speaking, people prefer to see his 3D effect in the air. Similar to holographic imaging, more people would prefer to call this product a 3D holographic LED fan.

According to the actual area of the product and the length and brightness of the fan blade, it is divided into many styles and specifications, but the essence is the same. The creative materials and contents to be played are stored through different paths and transmission methods. In the storage space of the machine itself. Through the software to process the video and image dot matrix to achieve the desired holographic effect

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January 17, 2019


Patented GOB technology can effectively protect the LED packaging unit, which is enough to resist extreme harsh use environment, realize real waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-UV, and can avoid the phenomenon of light drops.

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December 15, 2018


Manufacturing processes of outdoor LED display are mainly as follows-part one: 

1、Plug lights: Insert the different colors of the diode into the PCB plate hole, forming the LED pixel point. Often said that the pixel spacing is the distance between the two lamps, resolution is the amount of light in per unit area. Note: A. the direction of light, positive and negative pole not inserted opposite B. Don't plug the light less insert, wrong insertion C. check the diode itself has no problem D. QC detection 
2、Solder:  A: machine over tin; B: Check out the lights to see if there is omission C: Cutting angle D: put down the middle of the individual light (easy to welded the behind drive plate)
3、Installation the LED module(1) the installation of the plastic frame; A. cutting the board B. Will do a good job of the lamp panel and frame locked C. Lay the screws
(2) The driver board A. SMT patches B. Drive cable joint; C: Power contacts Weld; D: welding the head of Capacitor; E: welding the U line and V line.

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December 05, 2018


What is a pixel? How to define it?

Generally a pixel can be rendered as a unit of displaying pictures or videos in front of viewers. or actually the smallest element for picture, if we need more pictures, that means more original representations will be necessary part, all of these small dots will make up the final display, and you must be in doubt that why you are going to define a pixel as a picture, because the pixel can be one color at one time, and also is too small to be seen individually, and next we are going to give you the second question.

How many pixels of a image will be able to be seen clearly rather than in foggy dots? Each pixel can be determined by the number of colors in which all bits of dots blending together to represent it, for example, for various aspects, you need to know how many of pixels to be displayed in a image as we called pixel density, at 16-bit color depth, you may be able to see 'Led-Lights' not in a smooth, clear picture, what else if we set at 32-bit color depth? Unless you have your pixel density setting at a higher level, you will not get the best quality at 16-bit approach.

The more bits per pixel (bpp) you have described for a picture, the more excellent representation it can be able to produce. Learn about the pixel basics, to know the array of pixels make up of LED display, pixel pitch, lighting brightness or in poor brightness, optimal viewing distance, for such issues the explanation of what a pixel is and maximizing your comfort of viewing. Anyway, the article about the pixel is not described in details as you can expect, and we are going to make some fix at a time and we hope it may be able to tell some points already, some pics are quoted from web, if violated to your property, contact with us directly!

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November 27, 2018


Content for electronic display should be balanced. It should not be so complex or so creative that it drowns out the brand altogether, on the other hand, it must not appear so simple that it is devoid of all sophistication. The answer lies in content being created that lies somewhere between complexity and simplicity. Finding the right balance is key.

There must always be content on LED screens which is useful in some way, arouses curiosity, and is fresh and updated. When content is updated constantly, people will tend to look at the screens more often. If the outdoor screen runs only advertisements, the target audience will quickly tire of it and may cease looking at the screen. It is a good idea to incorporate stock-exchange updates, the news, sports and the weather forecast into the programming, so that there is constantly some fresh content to look at. Even displaying updated temperature, a fact of the day or quote of the day will get people curious about what the next display is going to be about. In all probability, if your content is strong enough or thought-proving enough, people will begin commenting about your content and will be looking forward to the next update. This serves the purpose of advertising, which is to have as many people as possible look at your screen.

Another important point is to pay attention to is design. To begin with, ensure that you have a good advertisement designer who knows what he is doing. He should have some experience at designing, and should know instinctively what will work on digital signage. You should also encourage your designer to look at the advertisements as they appear on your screen, so that she will have a good idea about how the viewer will perceive it.

Duration of the advertisement is another factor to be borne in mind. Ideally, advertisements should not be so long that people will see the beginning but not the end as they move past. For outdoor screens, duration should be limited to a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds. Advertisements being broadcast indoors, where people may have more time to view them may extend a little bit more than this.

Finally, ensure that the format of the letters used is big. Each letter being a quarter of the screen size is most probably a good idea. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what looks good on your computer will look good on your LED screen.

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