June 26, 2019

!!!!!Never disassemble the device without instructions! Never try to remove the TF card from the device! !!!!!



3D Holographic Display Instructions


  1. Download the DSeeLab app and install it on your phone or pc.


iOS: Search DSeeLab in App store.

For Android: Click to download.

For PC: to download.

These only fit for LL-HA-50-WF-DS-X &LL-HA-50H-WFC-DS-X LL-HA-65-WF-DS-X & LL-HA-65X-WFC-DS-X & LL-HA-100-WFC-DS-X

Remark : Not fit for LL-HA-43-SDWF-FT-X & LL-HA-65X-SWF-ZB-X & LL-HA-100-SWF-ZB-X.


  1. 2. Supply power to theDSeeLab Hologram Display Device
  2. Open your phone, navigate to your phone's Settings->WiFi, you'll see there is a new WiFI source whose name starts with 'dsee'. Click it

to connect to it.


  1. You will be asked to input a key. The 8-digit key could be found on the label at the back of your device.


  1. After your phone is connected to the device, open the app on your phone, refresh the app.


  1. Now you are all set!Only use the app to upload and manage videos and images.


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