September 03, 2019

Thinking of best and recommended types of power supply listings over there, there are many factors of power supply to consider during your LED fixtures' installation, using garden LED lights means the fixture will work properly in order to ensure the first thing of safety, the next is to choose a type of power transformer, well done, it means the professional low voltage will prevent people from harm or hurt before it becomes a lifesaver, how do you think it will really work for all lights? Whether the power supply will drive a constant current for them? Both are ok at the same time? But it comes out to us must be the low voltage power supply at first, 12VDC power supply we suggest, which can be estimated the best mode of security if incidents are not avoided sometimes.
The second thing is we are requiring the right input and output, because it comes to us with a basic math question, say the following for example, there are plenty of 3W LED lights available for installing into the garden, it is presumably suggested to calculate the total output of 10pcs 3W LEDs, that is, we are having to provide the minimum power consumption, generally the number is 36W (basically, two parts included, one is for actual data of the subtotal power 30W, in addition, the final power will be developed for the extra over 20% ~ 30%, of 20% right here had been calculated into the sum = (100% + 20%) * (3W * 10pcs)), calculated based on a physics formula, whatever higher power you can provide, we just need you to ensure the min. one, otherwise, several lights will perhaps quit working, not bright enough as you are in doubt if one of them is damaged or need a replacement, any more, please refer to the below sheet.
The last feature is we are thinking of weather condition, the ambient environment to keep them working in extremely harsh situations like flooded water, piles of snow, heavy dust, etc, one thing we need to admit it is recognized that defective rate is NOT too much, worth of another try of LL products.