Silver Inner Reflector Stunning Interior Decorative Recessed Roof Mounting Downlights


About LightingWill

LightingWill is established since 2009. Professional LED manufacture, specially in LED lighting products and accessories. The objective of Lightingwill is to offer superior quality LED items to our clients, and enjoy a bright and comfortable life.

The recessed lights can be integrated into furniture or walls to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Perfect for home use, office, store, super market, bars, cafe, exhibition, halls, museum hotel, restaurant, decoration lighting and other lighting.


*Consumption Power: 10W/15W/20W
*Dimming Status: Available 
*CRI: 80+
*Lumen Output: 750~800LM (10W) / 1100-1200LM (15W) / 1500-1650LM(20W)
*Inner Reflector Color :Silver
*Mounting: Recessed Roof & Spring-To-Fix 
*Cutout Size: Ф75mm (10W and 15W ) ; Ф93mm  (20W)
*Beam Angle: 24°
*Dia.*H: 90MM * 105MM (10W and 15W ) ;110MM * 132MM (20W)

*Color: Warm White 3000K-3500K, Natural White 4000K-4500K, Pure White 5500K-6500K


* Roundlet face ring , good for making out light.

* Adjustable lamp body can tilt from right to left

* Soft gum covers the install spring , protects your finger to achieve optimal heat removal . 

* The maxmiizes  thermal  resistance design prolong the led life