LightingWill FREE SHIPPING 36Watt RGB LED Wall Washer 110-265V AC Flood Light Standalone Operating, DMX 512 Controllable and Master/Slave Workable, IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor Use


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Product Notice

* 36W RGB High Power LED WallWasher
* IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor use
* At Standalone Mode, control the wallwasher by Push-Button on the Light Body
* At DMX 512 Mode, can control the light via DMX512 controller system (not included) 
* Master/Slave Mode Settable

This LED wall washer can work in independent mode and DMX mode,  also in Master/Slave Mode. It can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady, seven color jumping synchronously etc. 256 class gray degree dimmer, DMX programable (thousands of effects available if many lights connected together)


1. With inner transformer module, and equipped with power plug, can directly collect AC110/220V

2. The built-in DMX enable the light give simple light effect: static color, multicolor fading, multicolor flashing, multicolor gradually changing.There are keys on the light body for you to set the light mode or have automatically changing mode.

3. If need more complicated light effect, can connect with extra DMX controller, DMX console, etc.


This Rectangular LED Wall Washer is a powerful fixture that will brighten, enhance, and add visual interest to any room or situation. This LED flood light contains 36 high power LEDs, and is commonly used in architectural settings, both indoors and outdoors, to decorate spaces and to highlight buildings, gardens, restaurants, and even stage sets by producing a bright and dynamic environment.


Size: L343*W152*214mm

Material of Shell: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 5.0Kg

Input Voltage: 110V-256V AC

Operating Voltage: 24V DC

Protection Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 60 ℃

Projecting Height: 8-10Meters

Wall Outlet Plug Cable Length: 100cm

DMX in and DMX out cable length: 50cm with XLR Male or Female Connector

Beam Angle: 15degree / 30degree / 60degree (the narrower the beam angle, the taller the wallasher can project).

Controlling Mode

1. Independent mode: you can adjust the preset functions of lighting by button on the back of wallwasher.
2. DMX mode: DMX console to control the lighting, referring to the manual of the relevant console for attaining more information.
3. Master/Slave function for independent mode, please choose at random some lighting as a master to attaining auto online function, the relative operation as below: firstly, set the address of a master as 001, others are be set as a slave。For auto online mode, only one master, all effects depend on the effect of the master.
4. DMX address, each lighting occupies three channels, that is red, green, blue, including the value of the initial channel. For example, Adrress 001 occupies the channel 1, 2 and 3. Address 256 occupies the channel 256, 257 and 258.
5. Do not plug them into power when the product is still in package.
6. Don't use anything to cover this lighting.
7. Don't use this product in close environment.
8. If this product appears to be damaged, do not attempt any operation, please contact your dealer.
9. The installation of a product must be completed before the power plug inserts. Please let technicians disassemble the lights for fixing and repairing.

Instruction of Buttons:

1. Set up DMX address

When the digital is not flashing, press A.

Then you will see the digital begin to flash, press A once again to activate the digital moves backward.

Now you can start to edit the second digital.

Press B, the corresponding flash digital increase one bit (the values between 0 and 9).

*** Range of valid address:001-512.

2. Adjust and select the function when in independent mode

After pressing A for 4times (the first 3times is for setting DMX address), the wallwasher enter into independent mode;

The digital now shows as PXY;

Press A once to activate the digital move backward, now you can choose the function via X and parameter via Y;

Press B, the corresponding flashing digital add one bit (the values if from 0 to 9);

X refers to functions (the value is from 1 to A);

Y refers to value of speed and gray degree for functions.

X value

 Y value

0- black out


1- single red

1-9 class gray degree

2- single green

1-9 class gray degree

3- single blue

1-9 class gray degree

4- single yellow

1-9 class gray degree

5- single purple

1-9 class gray degree

6- single cyan

1-9 class gray degree

7- single white

1-9 class gray degree

8- multicolor jumping

1-9 class speed

9- multicolor fading

1-9 class speed

A/10 multicolor flashing

1-9 class flash speed


Waterproof treatment