DC 12V Dimmable SAMSUNG SMD5630-300 Flexible LED Strips 60 LEDs Per Meter 10mm Width 1200lm Per Meter

SKU: 0.5M-HK-10MM-F5630PW30-NW-12
Input Voltage: DC 12V
LED Type: SMD 5630
LED Density: 60LEDs/Meter


Beam Angle: 120 Degree
Strip Width: 10mm
LEDs Per Segment: 3 LEDs
Lumen Per Foot (White): 366 lm/ft
Power Consumption Per Meter : 15W @ 12V DC

DC 12V Dimmable SMD5630-300 Flexible LED Strips 60 LEDs Per Meter 10mm Width 1200lm Per Meter. Available in lengths of 0.5m(1.64ft), 1m(3.28ft), 2m(6.56ft), 3m(9.84ft), 5m(16.4ft) with Yellow, White or Black finish. Non-waterproof, IP65, IP67 or IP68 strips is available. Can be cut into 3-LED segments for 12V DC operation version.

Item DC12V SAMSUNG SMD5630-300 LED Strips 60LEDs 15W Per Meter
Code HK-F5630X30-X 
LED QTY. 60LED/Meter
Wattage (max) 15Watt/Meter
Lumen Output Note1 1500LM/Meter
Cuttable Every 3LED per 2'' (5cm) can be cut
Length available Lengths within 5meters(16.4feet) and multiple of 2''(5cm)
Size(W*H/mm) 10*2   (for non-waterproof) 
Weight 0.15kgs/roll for non-waterproof; 0.25kgs/roll for IP65/IP67; 0.5kgs/roll for IP68.
Input Voltage 12V DC
Light Color Pure White(5500-6000K), Natural White(4000-4500K), Warm White(3000-3500K)
PCB color option White, Black
PCB Backing Adhesive backing for Non-waterproof and waterproof IP65,extra rubber mounting clips provide for IP67 and IP68
Beam Angle 120°
Waterproof Type Non-waterproof(indoor use), Waterproof IP65, IP67, IP68
Dimming PWM dimmable   (more information please refer to different Dimmer applications)
Lead Single color strip has two contacts(V+,V-) and is Polarity Sensitive.
Pre-wiring 20cm(8'') Red-Black lead wire is pre-soldered at one end of the strip                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Packing 5meters(16.4feet) per roll packed in a static bag
Note 1: When the strip make into a long string, a full roll we say, for there is voltage drop, so there final power consumption will be lower than the rated max data. Also the lumen output of a long string will be lower than the rated data per meter. There is an around 15-25% derated than the max. The shorter the strip, the output data will be closer to the rated.

Drawing per 5000mm for non-waterproof strip (1inch=25.4mm)

 Waterproof Strip Dimension  


*Non-waterproof : Bare Strip, with self-adhesive backing, for indoor or dry location use.
*Waterproof IP65 : Strip Surface is covered on top with Gel, and with self-adhesive backing. IP65 grade can protect sprayed water from all direction.
*Waterproof IP67: The bare strip is put in a hollow silicone tube and sealed at two ends. IP67 grade can shortly immersed in water.
*Waterproof IP68: The bare strip is put in a U Shape silicone tube, then covered on top with silicon gel, and sealed at two ends, which make it's solid.IP68 grade can be used under water.

How to power/control the strip

When choosing the transformer, the wattage to choose depends on how many pieces light strips it power.And when choosing the transformer, we suggest to use a bigger wattage transformer than the strip rated power to  avoid full load working of the transformer. And a big power transformer do no harm to the strip but good for safty. 

And a big power transformer do no harm to the strip but good for safty. 
Below please find the connection diagram for Single Color Light Strip for reference.

Direct Powered by Transformer Run to AC Wall Outlet, On/Off controlled by a Wall Switch


Light strip On/Off/Brightness is controlled by  Dimmer (Wireless or Hardwire Type available)

#1 Typical connection for one Dimmer to control one string of light bars

#2 One Dimmer to control several strings of light bars by adding Amplifier, and powered by one or several transformers. Note: The strips the Dimmer and Amplifer loaded with cannot exceed their rated max value. And in theory, you can add endless Amplifiers after the Dimmer.