20pcs/pack LED Modules with SMD5730 4 LED DC12V 130-150LM 2W 160° Beam Waterproof IP67 with Adhesive Tape Back

SKU: HK-4938-5730PW20P

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Product Notice

* LED Module with 4pcs SMD5730
* Sold by 20pcs/string/pack
* Length of wire (between 2 modules): 8CM 
* Individual module in 2W 12VDC  130-150LM at White Color
* IP67 Waterproof
* Size: 49mm * 38mm
* Luminous angle: 160


* LED Module with Lens
* Sold by 20pcs/string/pack
* Length of wire (between 2 modules): 8CM
* Individual module in 1.5W 12VDC 110LM at White Color
* Luminous angle: 25 * 45 °, suitable for lightbox thickness 10-15 cm thick light box, 15-18 meters per meter, lamp spacing according to the thickness of the lightbox adjustment; ideal effect on the light in the lightbox width of 1 m to 1.5 m;
* Widely used in Poster-box,single-sided, double side lightbox and so on.
*Cable color: red line is positive, white line is negative
*Number of Module per String: 20
*Single lamp brightness: 110LM
*Installation: Fixing screws; Adhesive 3M adhesive tape
*Operating temperature: -35 ~ 45 ℃
*Luminous colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, rose red
*Waterproof: One optical lens + PVC/ABS injection molding
*The main scope of application: Advertising shaped light boxes, plastic light boxes, double-sided light boxes, decorative lighting