8MM*8MM LED Aluminum Profile with Flat Milky White Cover Surface Mounting for LED Rigid Strip Lighting System

SKU: LL-627-1-1M5P

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Product Notice

* Sold in Length: 1Meter (3.28Feet) ;2Meter(6.56Feet);3Meter(9.84Feet)
* If need other special lengths , please contact us;
* The Aluminum Profile package include: 1x Aluminum Channel; 1x Plastic Cover; 2x End Caps (one with hole, the other is deaf); 1 Set of Mounting Accessories;
* To make LED Rigid Strip System, you still need the LED Strip and Compatible Power Supply/Driver, which are not included;
* Please contact us and tell your need for a ceiling linear light, we will provide complete solution.


1. More artistic--The frame can be painted into the same color with the wall, which looks more beautiful.
2. Won't see led dot when lighting up.
3.Small size won't take up too much space
For flexibe or Rigid led strips up to 5mm wide;
Made from anodizing aluminum
lighting or illumination of certain areas (stream of light may vary depending on the power of applied LEDs)
interior design, furniture (kitchen cabinets, closets, thin furniture elements), stairs, exhibitors, scenography, advertisement, hotels, work stations, (hardly accessible-C shaded spots)

Packages Include:

5x1M-PACK Includes:
5x 1meter Aluminum Channel
5x 1meter PC Lens
10x End Caps (5 with hole, 5 deaf)
10x Mounting Clips

10x1M-PACK Includes:
10x 1meter Aluminum Channel
10x 1meter PMMA Lens
20x End Caps (10 with hole, 10 deaf)
20x Mounting Clips

25x1M-PACK Includes:
25x 1meter Aluminum Channel
25x 1meter PMMA Lens
50x End Caps (10 with hole, 10 deaf)
100x Mounting Clips

25x2M-PACK Includes:
25x 2meter Aluminum Channel
25x 2meter PMMA Lens
50x End Caps (25with hole, 25 deaf)
100x Mounting Clips

50x2M-PACK Includes:
50x 2meter Aluminum Channel
50x 2meter PMMA Lens
100x End Caps (50 with hole, 50 deaf)
300x Mounting Clips

50x3M-PACK Includes:
50x 3meter Aluminum Channel
50x 3meter PMMA Lens
100x End Caps (50 with hole, 50 deaf)
300x Mounting Clips