DC12V 5Meter/16.4ft 72W Tri-Chip SMD5050 300LEDs 850nm or 940nm IR InfraRed Flexible LED Strips White PCB 60LEDs 14.4W Per Meter for Multitouch Screen, Night Light Application

SKU: 5M-HK-IR850-5050X30-NW-W-12

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Product Notice

LightingWill infrared 850nm/940nm LED strip.This popular Double Row LED strip light has 60 bright 5050 per meter

5 Meters long available

Non-waterproof, Waterproof IP65/IP67/68 flexible light strips with adhesive backing, can be cut into 3-LED segments(2inch long). 12VDC operation.

Dimmable with compatible LED dimmers.


1) The Infrared LED Strip is invisible light

2) To put the IR strip under the Camera with Night Vision (NO IR filter), you can see red spot

Technical Specification
Wattage 14.4W/Meter Voltage 12V DC
Beam Angle 120° Dimming Yes
LED Type SMD5050 Strip Section 3LED per 2inch
WxH 10x2(mm) LED QTY.: 60LED/Meter
Length Available 0.5 to 5 Meter Available Color 850nm and940nm
Protection Grade Non-waterproof, IP65, IP67, IP68 PCB Background



Other Features

Lead Single color strip has two contacts(V+,V-) and is Polarity Sensitive.
Pre-wiring 20cm(8'') Red-Black lead wire is pre-soldered at one end of the strip


*For surveillance or security

*For the multitouch display

*For Night Version Light


*Can be cut into 3-LED segments

*Adhesive backing

*12VDC Operation

*Dimmable - See our Dimmer Selection

 Safty Tips

*Always disconnect power supply before cutting/connecting LED Light Strips.

*Do not crimp strip tape, attempt to bend strips width-wise, or length-wise to a radius less than 15mm

*Do not connect LED Light Strips directly to 120V AC power.

*Apply power to test LED Light Strips before mounting.

The difference between the IP Grade

*Non-waterproof : Bare Strip, with self-adhesive backing, for indoor or dry location use. 

*Waterproof IP65 : Strip Surface is covered on top with Gel, and with self-adhesive backing. IP65 grade can protect sprayed water from all direction.
*Waterproof IP67: The bare strip is put in a hollow silicone tube and sealed at two ends. IP67 grade can shortly immersed in water.
*Waterproof IP68: The bare strip is put in a U Shape silicone tube, then covered on top with silicon gel, and sealed at two ends, which make it's solid.IP68 grade can be used under water.