LightingWill 5M(16.4feet) IP65 Waterproof Plant Growth LED Grow Light RED:BLUE /660nm:460nm DC12V SMD2835 LED Light Strip

SKU: HK-PG-2835-300-3:1

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Product Notice

*Blue(wavelength: 460nm) & Red(wavelength: 660nm) 
*Red/Blue Spectrum(R:B=3:1/5:1/8:1)
*Adhesive backing
*Single color strip has two contacts(V+, V-) and is Polarity Sensitive
*20cm(8'') Red-Black lead wire is pre-soldered at one end of the strip 
*Waterproof IP65: Strip Surface is covered on top with Gel, and with self-adhesive backing. The IP65 grade can protect sprayed water from all direction.

*Specific :

LED Per Roll                  Wattage

300 leds                             60W

600 leds                            120W

1200 leds                          120W

Cut way

Drawing per 5000mm for the non-waterproof strip (1inch=25.4mm)

Safty Tips:

*Always disconnect power supply before cutting/connecting LED Light Strips.
*Do not crimp strip tape, attempt to bend strips width-wise, or length-wise to a radius less than 15mm.
*Do not connect LED Light Strips directly to 120V AC power.
*Apply power to test LED Light Strips before mounting.

Different RED: BLUE Ratio:

The PHOTOSYNTHESIS absorb the light with wavelength ranged in 380nm-760nm, among which the 610-720 nm and 400-510 nm are the absorption peak area.

The 660nm deep red and 460nm blue LED light combination will give plant suitable growth light. The combination will visually produce pink light.

 The Blue wavelengths encourage vegetative growth and are essential in lighting for seedlings and young plants during the vegetative stage of their growth cycle, especially when “stretching” must be reduced or eliminated. It also stimulates the production of secondary pigments which can enhance colors and is known to also stimulate Terpene (i.e. fragrance) production.

The Red light affects phytochrome reversibility and is the most important for flowering and fruiting regulation. These wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production. The 660nm wavelength has a very strong photosynthetic action and also exhibits the highest action on red-absorbing phytochrome regulated germination, flowering, and other processes. Most effective for light cycle extension or night interruption to induce flowering of long-day plants or to prevent flowering of short-day plants.

For different plants can adjust the RED: BLUE rate to get the most proper light for the plants.

The light RED: BLUE rated at 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 are good to accelerate the growth of leaf, for plant-like Cabbage, Lettuce, Spinach and so on.

The light RED: BLUE rated at 5:1, 6:1 is good for the plant that needs light fill in the whole growth period, like the Leaf Succulent.

The light RED: BLUE rated at 7:1, 8:1, 9:1 are good to accelerate the growth of root, for plant-like Eggplant, Tomato, Long Bean, Color Pepper, Cucumber and so on.

Tips for Installation:

* The height of the luminaire from the plant
4-9 Watt: Between 30-70cm, ensure covering all plants with light.
9-18 Watt: Between 50-100cm, ensure covering all plants with light.

* Reference fill time
It is recommended to add 12-14 hours of light a day. It can be flexibly determined by the plan growth phase to determine the time of the light.