Anti-conronavirus Protective Devices

The global outbreak of coronavirus is a severe situation now. There is a serious lack of masks, and a large number of inferior masks flood the market.

 In order to combat the global epidemic, HUAKE LIMITED quickly established JIANGXI ZHONGCHEN KEJI CO., LTD, which specializes in producing anti-epidemic materials.

JIANGXI ZHONGCHEN KEJI CO., LTD- the company - hereinafter as “ZhongChen”—Under the care and guidance of municipal and district government departments, Zhongchen has started production successively from late February.
Currently, we have 10 production lines in operation, with daily production of 500,000 disposable masks and 100,000 KN95 masks.

The company has get qualification and passed the ISO: 13485 medical device quality certification system and passed the FDA registration. Also get CE EN14683, EN149 certification.

While meeting the needs of the company's employees, it supplies the government with government procurement contracts, assists the government in reserving strategic materials, and actively supplies partners in the industry chain to fully support the society as a whole in combating epidemics, resuming production, and social life.


ISO FDA Certification
CE Certificate of KN95 Face Masks CE Certificate of Disposable Face Masks