December 15, 2018

Manufacturing processes of outdoor LED display are mainly as follows-part one: 

1、Plug lights: Insert the different colors of the diode into the PCB plate hole, forming the LED pixel point. Often said that the pixel spacing is the distance between the two lamps, resolution is the amount of light in per unit area. Note: A. the direction of light, positive and negative pole not inserted opposite B. Don't plug the light less insert, wrong insertion C. check the diode itself has no problem D. QC detection 
2、Solder:  A: machine over tin; B: Check out the lights to see if there is omission C: Cutting angle D: put down the middle of the individual light (easy to welded the behind drive plate)
3、Installation the LED module(1) the installation of the plastic frame; A. cutting the board B. Will do a good job of the lamp panel and frame locked C. Lay the screws
(2) The driver board A. SMT patches B. Drive cable joint; C: Power contacts Weld; D: welding the head of Capacitor; E: welding the U line and V line.