November 28, 2016

Step 1: Calculating the power consumption of the strip
*Calculating each strip's power by knowing the LED type and its rated power for each LED. The formula to calculate is Power Consumption = Wattage of each LED*LED quantity of strip length.

*For example,length 100cm of SMD5050,300LEDs/roll,60LEDs per 100cm, so its power consumption is 60*0.24=14.4Watt

Step 2: Choosing the appropriate type of power supply
* Non-waterproof power supply with power plug cord for indoor use 
* Non-waterproof metal housing heavy duty industrial series, screw terminal output 

* Waterproof IP65&IP67 power supply for outdoor use

Step 3: Selecting the right AMP & appropriate quantity of power supply
*The rule to choose the power supply for LED strips is to give enough power. We can power several rolls of the strip by one big enough power supply or by several that can supply enough power.
*Less power will do no harm to the strip, but just without enough power, the strip can not give out 100% of its brightness.
*And when choosing the power supply, we should have in mind that power supply must be de-rated 20% to prevent overheating.
*For example, to power 5meter of SMD5050 300LED (72Watt), it is recommended using the 96W power supply.