October 05, 2018

With the gradual maturity of LED industry technology, LED display screen has been widely used in shopping malls, indoor and outdoor sports venues, airports and high-speed railway passenger information system display, and so on, widely favored by the public. Demand for LED displays has soared, and manufacturers are competing to sell them. The quality and price of LED displays on the market are uneven and far apart. Customers themselves lack the ability to distinguish the LED display. It makes the shoppers at a loss. So what should we pay attention to when we buy LED display screen?

Step one: refresh rate
Smartphones, with stripes of water ripple against the lighted LED display, indicate a low refresh rate.

The second step: consistency.
See to see the display effect of lighting the screen, see whether the screen is even, there are color blocks, indicating poor consistency.
The third step: defend the grayscale.
Look at the gradient to open the gray detection tool, see whether the gray gradient is smooth, right brighter than left is normal, otherwise it shows that there is a gray problem.

The fourth step: brightness.
The suitable LED display screen is not the brighter the better, the outdoor non-sunny choice brightness (> 4000CD/M2), outdoor sunny choice brightness (> 5000CD/M2), indoor pursuit of low brightness (> 600CD/M2) can be.

The fifth step: Approach
Watch the ghost to open the detection tool, close to see whether there are ghosts on the display screen, the screen with ghost phenomenon seems unclear.

The sixth step: purchase
Choose a big brand to buy LED display screen, the pre-sale, sale, after-sales requirements are very high, do not be greedy for small and cheap, choose a big brand to have a reliable service guarantee. Choose a supplier with strength and word of mouth to purchase.